Toddler Sleds With Seat Belts

2014-02-17_0849Toddler sleds with seat belts are an essential piece of weather gear if you live where it snows.  When we lived in Alaska my mom pulled my little brother to the bus stop in one of these toddler sleds because that was a lot easier than having him walk every morning.  She’d bundle him up, grab the pull rope, and away we’d go to the bus stop.  He just had a simple sled, but they’ve come a long way since he was a kid.

Below you’ll find two styles of toddler sleds with a variety of options.  All of these have seat belts and backs so that your toddler stays safe when you’re pulling him or her around in the snow.  These are great to be able to pull your toddler around, but they can also be used to let him or her go down small hills depending on how much of a little dare devil you have.

Toddler Sled With Seat Belt And Handle

These toddler sleds have handles and you push your child rather than pull.  These are more like a stroller for the snow rather than a traditional sled.  These seem more enjoyable for children because they can see where they’re going and parents feel more in control.  These are great for babies and toddlers.  These are a bit pricey, but they are excellent quality and will last for a few years.  I think it’s a great investment.

Paricon Collapsible Toddler Sled, RedEurosled Snow Tiger Baby Sled, Blue

Toddler Sleds With Seat Belts And Pull Rope

These toddler sleds have seat belts and come with a pull rope.  These are similar to what my mom pulled my brother in.  For fun you can let your child go from side to side or can spin them in a circle, depending on their age.  The pull rope gives parents control, but there is a degree of freedom for your child.

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