Steerable Sleds And Sleds With Steering Wheels

Stiga Snowracer King Size GT Snow Sled

Steerable sleds take sledding to a whole new level. Gone are the days of having to barrel down a hill on a sled with no way to steer. Of course sledding on a traditional sled is a lot of fun, but isn’t being able to steer even better?

Have you ever seen or been involved in a multiple sled pile up? All kidding aside, I have and sometimes everyone laughs and keeps on sledding. But other times someone ends up in tears, especially when several young kids are involved. Of course, older kids may think crashing is fun.

Toboggan sleds can be steered, but there are other styles as well. Toboggans are a traditional sled with metal runners and wooden slats to sit on. Some have seats and rails and some don’t. Steering is done by pulling on one side of a rope or other that moves the runners so that the sled can steer to the left or right.

My favorite steering sleds for smaller kids have a steering wheel. They’re similar to a ride on toy, which most kids are familiar with, making the transition to a sled easier. Many of these have a bench type seat that the child straddles like their favorite ride on car. These seats are much easier for toddlers and small kids to stay on because they can squeeze the seat with their legs and that gives them more stability as they go down the hill.

There are steerable sleds for all ages, you just have to choose the right style. Below you’ll find several sleds in each style so that you can choose the best steerable sled for your child or family.

Sleds With Steering Wheels

Flexible Flyer PT BlasterEurosled Snow Flyer Sled, De-Icer BlueEurosled Snow Fox Sled, Smoke BlackEurosled Snow Tiger Deluxe Sled, Sunspot Orange

Sleds With Handle Bars

Lucky Bums Snow Kid’s Snow Racer Extreme Sled (Blue)Wham-O Snow Hog Sled – Blaze Your Own TrailZipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled, Red

More Steerable Sleds

HAMMERHEAD Sled ProMountain Boy Sledworks Slalom SledFlexible Flyer 48

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