Plastic Playground Slide For Sale

If you’re looking for a plastic playground slide for sale then look no further. These are great for home playgrounds, but also at school, daycare, and parks. Isn’t it cool that you can have the same slides at home that you see in the parks you visit with your child?

There are many different types of playground slides including spiral tube slides, open spiral slides, wavy slides, bumpy slides, curved slides, and straight slides. They come in a variety of colors and brands.

All of these slides are affordable and provide great value for the money spent. They’re all durable and will last for years and through multiple children if you have them. Just think about how many hours your children will spend playing on it and about how much fun they will have.

There are many ways to create an awesome play ground for your kids at home, but adding a slide to the mix will make it extra special. Just imagine all of the laughs and squeals of delight you will hear from your kids. Adding two types of slides are even better.

Below you’ll find plastic playground slides in a variety of styles, and you’ll also fine other playground accessories you can choose from such as a pirate wheel, climbing rocks, cargo net, and more! Now the only question is, which slide will you choose?

Turbo Tube Slide - GreenTurbo Tube Slide – Green


Plastic Spiral Tube Slides For Home, Schools, Daycare, or Parks

Plastic tube slides are great slides to have at home for a play ground, fort, tower, or tree house.  These slides are my boys favorite.  I love trying to guess which way they’ll come out whether it’ll be head first or feet first.  They also like to climb up them when no one is waiting at the top.  You can check the details of each slide by clicking on the image.

PlayStar Spiral Tube Slide5 Ft Turbo Tube Slide GreenTurbo Tube Slide – GreenTurbo Tube Slide – Blue

Open Spiral Playground Slide For Home Play Areas

These open spiral slides are so much fun.  They’re available in both yellow and green even though both pictures show a yellow slide. These are great for kids who are afraid of small spaces, or if your kids want to be able to wave as they go down.  The slide below comes in yellow or green even though the green one shows a yellow slide.

Child Works Sp-60 Spiral Slide – YellowChild Works 0756040 Spiral Slide – Green -Sp60

Curved Playground Slide For Home Or School

These curved slides are great options for a playground.  I have noticed that even though the only difference in these slides is the color, sometimes one is cheaper than the other so you may want to check both.  These work better for younger kids since there’s a turn that’s harder for bigger bodies to make.

Side Winder Slide – GreenSide Winder Slide

Straight Plastic Slide For Swing Sets Or Forts

Straight slides are classic, but awesome!  These are fast, as my boys would say, and you can make them even faster by using the sides to get a good start.  These slides are also great for sliding in a variety of ways. Not long ago my son slid down one of these on his back head first.

Swing N Slide Summit Slide – GreenPlayStar Scoop Slide

Wavy Plastic Playground Slides With A Bump

These wavy, bumpy slides are fast too, and then you get a bump or a drop.  A kid can have a lot of fun on one of these. If you have a little dare devil,  this might be the perfect slide for him or her.

Swing N Slide Alpine Wave Slide – GreenWiki Wave SlideRave Slide Upgrade for Play Sets Deck8′ Wave SlideCool Wave Slide (Y)Rave Slide 7 Foot Deck Height-Blue

Playground Accessories To Go With Your New Slide

There are so many accessories you can get to go with your new slide to make your play area more unique and fun.  The accessory set is a great option if you’re looking to add several accessories.  There is also the sound module that turns a slide into a musical instrument.  Climbing rocks and cargo net are great options for ways to get to the top of the slide.  There are safety handles, music blocks, and also a pirate ship wheel. Arrrrrrr!

Deluxe Accessories Kit (Blue) with SSS logo StickerBackyard Discovery 10′ Slide Sound Module, Green/YellowTextured Rock Holds Set of 12, Green with SSS logo StickerSwing-N-Slide Pirate Ship WheelSafety HandlesClimbing Cargo NetEZ Frame BracketOutdoor Rhythm BandTelescope with Compass

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