Pick A Saucer Sled For Kids And Adults

Flexible Flyer Steel Saucer

If you’re looking for a saucer sled for kids,  you’re in luck.  Here you’ll find the best saucer sleds and even a few other sleds you may be interested in.  Saucer sleds may also be called disc sleds, round sleds, or circle sleds.

Saucer sleds were my favorites as a kid for the few years we lived in Alaska.  I liked them best because I loved to spin as I went down the hills.  What kid doesn’t like to spin?

Saucer sleds make sledding easy because you can just hold on and go.  You can spin yourself as you start or just let it happen naturally, of course you don’t always spin, but it’s still fun.  Disc sleds don’t require steering, so it’s easier for small kids.   Kids can sit on their bottom or on their knees when using a round sled.

Round sleds are also fun for adults.  Kids can’t have all the fun can they?  These sleds really are great for all ages and are perfect for families with several kids.

Circle sleds are also easy to carry, since most are plastic.  And they’re easy to store because they can fit neatly into each other.

Saucer sleds may not be the latest cool looking uber sled, but they’re a tried and true classic that’s sure to make winter a lot more fun.  They’re inexpensive.  They’re sturdy and practical,  and they’re a whole lot of fun!

Below you’ll find the best circle sleds and even a few other types of sleds to choose from.

Saucer Sled 3 Packs – Family Sled Packs

Paricon Flying Saucer Sled (3-Pack)Flying Saucer

Connecting Saucer Sleds

Connecting Saucer Sled, In BlueConnecting Saucer Sled, In Red

Plastic Saucer Sleds

Snow Sled Saucer Heavy Duty (Black)Snow Sled Saucer Heavy Duty (Blue)Lucky Bums Plastic Saucer Sled, 25-Inch Diameter, RedSnow Sled Saucer Heavy Duty (Purple)

Metal Saucer Sled

Flexible Flyer: 26

Foam Saucer Sleds

Wham-O Foam Saucer Sled 25 In. DiaLucky Bums Foam Saucer SledParicon Sleds 3-8 years Soft Saucer Foam Sled (Blue, 26-Inch)Wham-O Snow Boogie 26

More Sleds You May Want To Check Out!

Paricon Winter Lightning Sled (3-Pack)Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, 48-Inch, BlueLucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, 35-Inch, PinkLucky Bums Plastic Torpedo Sled, 34-Inch, PinkZipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled, RedFlexible Flyer Aurora,Assorted Colors

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