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Kids metal detectors make great gifts for kids who are curious, and who love being outside. Most kids are fascinated with the idea of buried treasure, treasure hunting, and even pirates. But it’s not only kids, adults love it too! It’s hard to resist the allure of treasure hunting no matter what age.

Many adults own metal detectors and enjoy using them in parks, on beaches, and near historical sites. There’s really no telling what you may find with a metal detector. You may find jewelry, coins, or even artifacts, depending on where you’re using yours.

When I was growing up, my grandparents had a metal detector they liked to use on the beach. They found a lot of change, and even found some beautiful pieces of jewelry. My granny would have loved to have found something really old, but they never did. I’m sure it had to do with location, but the beach was convenient.

Since adults have so much fun with their metal detectors, it only makes sense that someone would make kids metal detectors. Sure, it’s fun for kids to use a metal detector with a parent or grandparent, but it’s a lot more fun if they have their own.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal DetectorBounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector


When my oldest was little he loved treasure hunting. Treasure hunting to him was digging up what most people would call junk, but it was treasure to him. He had a little treasure box he kept his treasures in, and I still have that box of treasure. There are screws, nails, hinges, old pencils….nothing of monetary value, but these things were cool to him and were his treasure because he dug them up. I know he would have loved his own kid metal detector. Maybe then he would have found an old coin, button, or jewelry.

Do you have a little treasure hunter? Do you have a curious child that would love to have their own metal detector? You’ll find several metal detectors for kids below.

RC Car Metal Detectors Are Fun Kids Metal Detectors

Elenco Ranger R/C Metal Detector

Matchbox Treasure Tracker Metal Detector TruckMatchbox Treasure Tracker Metal Detector TruckX4 Metal Detector RoverX4 Metal Detector Rover


Traditional Style Metal Detectors For Kids

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal DetectorGround EFX MC1 Youth Metal DetectorBounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal DetectorBounty Hunter Educational Junior Metal Detector with Coin Collecting Kit

Metal Detector Accessories For Kids And Adults

SE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure HuntingSE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure HuntingDigger's Pouch CamoDigger’s Pouch CamoMetal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Tool Kit #1 Sand Scoop, Hand Trowel, Super Scooper, and Brass ProbeMetal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Tool Kit #1 Sand Scoop, Hand Trowel, Super Scooper, and Brass ProbePinpointerPinpointerEverest Child's Fanny Pack TURQUOISEEverest Child’s Fanny Pack TURQUOISEExtreme Pak Invisible Pattern Camo Water Repellent Waist BagExtreme Pak Invisible Pattern Camo Water Repellent Waist Bag


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