Fun Camping Activities For Toddlers

Camping Activities For Toddlers Help Toddlers Enjoy Camping And The Outdoors!
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When camping with a toddler, it is important to have a variety of camping activities for toddlers planned. Toddlers love to be on the move and are rarely stationary or interested in the same thing for very long, so having a variety of toddler friendly activities to take on your camping trip will help everyone to have a great time camping.

When our youngest was two years old, we took him camping for the first time. We were a little apprehensive at first, but with a little planning we were able to keep him entertained and happy for the whole trip helping him to form a love of camping and the outdoors.

Below you’ll find a list of activities your toddler will love that are easy to do and fun. The good thing about these activities is that our older son enjoyed them too.  It may seem like a lot, but believe me, there are a lot of hours in a day, and toddlers need something to do.

Have You Taken A Toddler Camping?

(Note: Tips were written when my son was a toddler.)

1. Blow Bubbles Together

Blowing bubbles is fun to do when camping!

 Blow bubbles together – One of my toddler’s favorite camping activities is blowing bubbles. He also likes to pop bubbles that I blow. This is a wonderful activity to take camping and because bubbles are inexpensive and compact, it’s easy to pack them with the rest of your camping gear. Try to collect a variety of bubble wands and bubble toys to use while camping, and when you return home you’ll have them to help entertain your toddler.

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2. Play With A Tonka Truck

 Play with a Tonka Truck – The most important piece of equipment that we took camping, after the tent, was our toddler’s Tonka dump truck. I’m sure he pushed it 100 miles during our weekend trip. He hauled leaves, sticks, pine straw, and pine cones. He even tried to haul his 8 year old brother. Speaking of my 8 year old, he amused our toddler further by pushing him in the truck. At one point they were giving each other rides down a small hill at our campsite. I had a blast just watching them.

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3. Collect Treasures

 Collect Treasures – Kids of all ages love to collect things, but toddlers make collecting a fine art. My son loves collecting so I took advantage of this little past time and gave him a plastic shoe box for him to collect things in. He collected sticks, leaves, pine straw, acorns… There is an endless supply of collection worthy objects out in nature.

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4. Chase Butterflies

Chase Butterflies – Chasing Butterflies is a wonderful way for a two year old to pass the time. I could spend a lifetime chasing butterflies with my son.

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5. Go On A Mini Hike

Go on a mini hike – Take your toddler on a mini hike. Most toddlers can’t go on a “real” hike, but you can find a nature trail and go on a short hike. Actually, you don’t even need to be on a trail, a hike though the campsite is fine. As you walk, practice talking. You point to an object and say it’s name, then see if your toddler will repeat it. My son said “butterfly” and “flower” for the first time on one of our mini hikes.

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6. Give Your Toddler A Job

Give your toddler a job – Make sure the job you give your toddler is age appropriate. Our toddler gathers pine straw and small sticks for use when starting a fire. (The dump truck comes in handy for this.) He also takes small items to the other parent as asked, “Take this spoon to daddy.”. Doing these jobs gives him a sense of accomplishment, keeps him occupied, and teaches him that it is important for everyone to work together. There are tons of little jobs for toddlers to do on a camping trip.

7. Make Trail Mix

 Make Trail Mix – Making trail mix is a great camping activity for toddlers. Use your imagination on what to add to the mixture. Nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips are the traditional ingredients, but the possibilities are endless. Be creative.

Note: Always be aware of what your toddler is able to safely eat. Cheerios, freeze dried snacks from Gerber, and small cookies all make good choices to go in your toddler’s trail mix.

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8. Watch For Wildlife


Watch for wildlife -Watching wildlife is a great toddler camping activity. Wildlife is all around us when camping. There are birds, insects, squirrels, and other wildlife to teach your toddler about while camping.

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9. Play With Balls

 Play with balls – Toddlers love balls. This is an easy camping activity for toddlers to participate in. Just grab up your toddler’s favorite balls and bring them along. It is best if there are a variety of sizes for your toddler to choose from.

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10. Play With Kids Flashlights

Toddlers Love Flashlights!
  Play With Kids Flashlights – Toddlers are perfectly happy to just play with a flashlight, but as they get older you can play flashlight games with them. A favorite of my son is chase the light. Just shine the light on the floor and have your toddler try to step on it. Take turns to encourage independence.

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