Best Toddler Travel Bed

frozen_toddler_cotHere you’ll find the best toddler travel beds for camping, travel, and home use.  There are several types of travel beds for toddlers including inflatable travel beds, cots for toddlers, and sleeping bags.

Traveling with a toddler isn’t always easy, especially at bed time.  Having a special bed away from home to call their own can help a toddler adjust to being away from their own bed.  When my kids were toddlers it was extremely difficult to get them to sleep anywhere but their own bed, but having their own special place to sleep helped.

A playpen is an option for toddler to sleep in when traveling, but most aren’t comfortable and a child can feel caged.  Cots and inflatable travel beds are a much better option for most toddlers. Check out your options below!

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Inflatable travel beds are my favorite travel beds for toddlers.  They’re comfortable and are easy to store when not in use. Crib and toddler sheets fit most of these types of toddler travel beds so you won’t have to buy special sheets.  These are great for camping and other travel, sleep overs, and even camping out in the living room just for fun.  These can be used with toddler bedding or can be used underneath a sleeping bag.

The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Travel BedAeroBed sleep tight inflatble beds for kids

Toddler Cot Travel Bed

Cot style travel beds for toddlers are another great option.  They work well with toddler size bedding or sleeping bags.  These fold up and store well when not in use.  Some of these cots even come with attached sleeping bags!

Regalo My CotRegalo My Cot Deluxe, with Sleeping Bag, NavyRegalo – My Cot Portable Travel Bed, PinkDisney Frozen On-the-Go Folding Slumber Set

Toddler Travel Bed Bumpers

Bed bumpers can be an alternative to a special travel bed, especially when staying in a hotel or at a relative’s house.  These work great for most toddlers in the right circumstances.  These are also great if you have a toddler that’s recently moved to a big boy bed.

The Shrunks Sleep Secure Inflatable Bed RailMagic Bumpers Portable Child Bed Safety Guard Rail (two-part) 48 Inch – Set of TWO Bedrails (24

Sleeping Bags For Toddlers

Toddler sleeping bags are another alternative to a toddler travel bed.  They can be used in place of a travel bed or with one.  Most kids love having a sleeping bag for camping, playing, and travel.  There are many options of colors, patterns, and characters to choose from when looking for sleeping bags for toddlers.

Wildkin Pinwheel Original Sleeping BagOlive Kids Trains, Planes & Trucks Original Sleeping BagMelissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Sleeping BagMelissa & Doug Sunny Patch Augie Alligator Sleeping BagKelty Woobie Sleeping Bag, Hot Pink, 4-FeetDisney Frozen Anna and Elsa Slumber-Bag, 30 X 54

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