Best Snow Toys For Kids Make Winter Fun

2014-02-17_0740These are the best snow toys for kids available right now.  There are sleds, snowball makers, snow castle molds, snowball throwers, and snowman kits.  And have you ever heard of snow paint?  Well, there’s that too! I sure wish there had been snowball makers and all of the cool snowball guns when I was a kid living in Alaska!

As a kid I spent 3 years in Alaska, and I spent many of my days playing in the snow building snowmen or snow forts.  On the weekends we went to the sledding hill as a family and spent hours sledding.  I can’t say what I loved more, then sledding or playing in the snow, but it was all fun and I’ll never forget the few years I experienced snow before moving back to the south where it seldom snows.

Below you’ll find a variety of snow toys for your children or for the child in you.  The snowman kits are really cool, and I think they really add that special magic to your snowman.  The snowball guns are awesome, especially for older kids.  The bring snowball fights to a whole new level for sure!

Sleds Are The Best Snow Toys For Kids

Sledding is so much fun that it’s hard to choose anything else as the best snow toy, even though building a snowman and throwing snowballs is pretty close.  Sledding is great for the whole family, toddlers to adults.  There are special toddler sleds available if you have a little one, or you can choose one of the sleds below.  The multipacks of sleds are great for large families.

Paricon Winter Lightning Sled (3-Pack)Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled, RedParicon Flying Saucer Sled (3-Pack)

Snow Brick Makers And Snow Castle Kits

Building snow forts and snow castles is a lot of fun, and having snow brick makers and snow castle molds make building easier.  These make great shelters for snow fights or forts.  Little ones may want to build a traditional sand castle out of snow, and that’s easy with the kit below.  There’s even a little shovel included.   It snowed enough this year for me to make a snow castle with my son and he had so much fun doing it.  Playing in the snow is a special treat for us since we live in the south.  Those of you in the north will get a lot more use out of these than we can.

Flexible Flyer Snow Block, colors may varyParicon Snow Castle Kit (20-Inch)Emsco Group 53020 Snow Castle Kit

Snowball Throwers Make Great Snow Toys

I am so jealous of kids growing up right now!  I would have loved to have had any of these snow toys when I was a kid living in Alaska.  I really love snow crossbow and snowball guns.  Can you imagine a snowball fight using those?  If you have older kids I don’t think you could go wrong with these, but I’m sure little ones would love them too.  When we were kids we would spend around 10 minutes getting our snowballs made, then it was an all out war and we just had our arms.

Whamo Snow Trac Ball, (Colors May Vary)X-Gear Snow Ball Thrower, Black, One SizeWhamo Snow CrossbowWhamo Solo Snow Ball BlasterWHAM-O SnowBall BlasterSnofling Snow Ball Throwing Stick, Colors May Vary(Includes 1 Snofling)

Snowball Makers To Supply A Snow War

Snowball makers make it easy to build up a supply of snowballs for a snowball fight without freezing your hands.  If the snow is a little sticky these will work best.  The single snowball makers seem to be the most popular because of ease of use, but the other one would be great too. Either one is sure to get you ahead in a snowball fight.

Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker, colors may varyArctic Force Snowball Maker Winter Kids Toy

Snowman Kits Make Building A Snowman Fun

I just adore the snowman kits.  You can make a traditional snowman, a wild and crazy snowman, a dinosaur snowman, or a snow bear.  As a mom of boys, I adore the dinosaur snowman.  I also really like the traditional snowman kit.  It’s hard to beat the top hat and carrot nose.  Frosty the Snowman was one of my favorite Christmas programs growing ups, so I have an obsession with snowmen.  Even now as an adult my Christmas decorations are snowman themed.  But you didn’t come here for that, you want to build the coolest snowman in the neighborhood, and any of these kits will help you do that.

My Very Own Snowman KitSnow Man Kit — Build Your Own Snowman, and Dress Him UPPOOF-Slinky 0C8326BL Ideal Sno-Marker Sno-Man Kit with Snowman Top HatDecorate-a-Great Snowman KitSnow Bear Kit — Build and Decorate Your Own Bear Made from SnowSnowman Making Kit – Make a Snowman KitSnow Dino Kit — Build and Decorate Your own Dinosaur from SnowSnowman Making Kit – Make a Snowman Kit

Snow Art Kits And Snow Paint

These snow are kits are like sidewalk chalk for winter.  Little kids might enjoy painting your yard and drawing pictures .  You can even use them to decorate a snowman if you want.

POOF-Slinky 0C8322BL Ideal Sno-Art Kit with Various Color Sno-Markers and Sno-MoldsPOOF-Slinky 0C8326BL Ideal Sno-Marker Sno-Man Kit with Snowman Top HatSno-Paints Tinted Powder Snow Art Refill Set

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